Tuesday November 9, 2016

DONALD TRUMP ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATESDonald Trump is projected to be the next President of the United States.

According to CBS News, Trump is projected to win 289 Electoral votes compared to Hilary Clinton’s 218 with a few states still too close to call this morning.

Trump was also very successful in the Heartland, taking Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

In Butler County, Trump carried almost 80 percent of voters.

CBS News is also projecting the Republican Party to retain control of both the United States Senate and House of Representatives.

Incumbent Senator Roy Blunt was successful in holding off a challenge from Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander for the United States Senate seat from Missouri.


SOUTHEAST MISSOURI LOCAL RACE RESULTS PART 1 Here are the results for local races during yesterday’s general election.

Butler County Clerk Tonyi Deffendall tells KWOC News that over 17,000 voters participated Tuesday in Butler County.

In the two competitive Butler County races, for Eastern District County Commissioner, Republican Don ‘Butch’ Anderson defeated Democrat Van Rhodes by carrying around 70 percent of the vote.

For Western District County Commissioner, Republican Dennis ‘Boots’ Legrand carried around 85 percent of the vote in his win over Democrat Doug Harwell.

In Stoddard County, Republican Steve Jordan won the race for Stoddard County 1st District Commissioner over Democrat Curtis Clark. For Stoddard County Coroner, Democrat Kenny Pope defeated Republican Jason Williams.


SOUTHEAST MISSOURI LOCAL RACE RESULTS PART 2 Here are more results for local races during yesterday’s general election.

In Carter County, Republican Andy Steiger won the race for Commissioner of the County Commission for the Eastern District, Democrat Lisa Goodwin won a close race for Collector of Revenue, and the race for Assessor went to Republican Gary Rector.

In Ripley County, the election for Sheriff was won by Democrat Mike Barton. For Ripley County Associate County Commissioner for the Eastern District, Republican Gary Emmons won the seat, while the Western District seat was won by Republican Andy Towell.

In Wayne County, Democrat Dean Finch won the race for Sheriff. Republican Donna Eads took the race for Public Administrator. In the two elections for Wayne County Commissioners, Republican Chad Henson won the Western District seat and Republican James (Bill) Hovis won the Eastern District seat.


REPUBLICANS SWEEP MISSOURI STATE OFFICES Tuesday was a good day for Republicans in Missouri as they swept the high ranking Missouri State Government Offices during the general election.

Eric Greitens won the election for Missouri Governor over Chris Koster.

Mike Parson will step into the role of Lieutenant Governor with his win over Russ Carnahan. For Missouri Secretary of State, John (Jay) Ashcroft defeated Robin Smith.

In the race for Missouri State Treasurer, Eric Schmitt was selected over Judy Baker. And for Attorney General, Josh Hawley won over Teresa Hensley.


SOUTHEAST MISSOURI RACE RESULTS Here are the results for Southeast Missouri positions in the United States and Missouri state governments.

Republican Jason Smith was successful in his reelection bid for the United States House of Representatives seat for District eight in Missouri over Democratic challenger Dave Cowell.

For the Missouri State Senate, in District 25, incumbent Republican Doug Libla defeated Democrat Bill Burlison. In District 27, Republican incumbent Wayne Wallingford will hold his seat over Democrat Donnie Owens.

In District 153 of the Missouri House of Representatives, incumbent Republican Steve Cookson defeated Democrat Matt Michel.


FOUR OF FIVE MISSOURI CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS PASS Missouri voters approved four of five constitutional amendments that were voted on Tuesday.

Voters approved Constitutional amendments 1, 2, 4, and 6. The only amendment that was defeated was Amendment 3, which would have amended the Missouri Constitution to increase taxes on cigarettes each year through 2020.

Voters also voted down a proposition which would have increased taxes on cigarettes.

Voters approved amendments related to an extension of a one-tenth of one percent sales/use tax, limits on campaign contributions, a prohibition on certain new sales/use or other similar taxes, and photo voter ID.