Sponsor A Camera

An inexpensive way to make your business a household name!

You will receive:

  • Daily live mentions paired with weather updates on KWOC
  • In every mention, the weather cam will be referred to as, “YOUR BUSINESS NAME Live Weather Cam”
  • We’ll drive our listeners to www.kwoc.com to view the live weather cam footage where they will see a banner featuring your business
  • During a typical weekday morning, you will receive two or more mentions per hour
  • Banner with link to your website alongside the live weather cam footage
  • Higher coverage—and more exposure—during periods of inclement weather


Call River Radio today for pricing and availability details. 573-785-0881

Our Pan Tilt Zoom traffic and weather cameras include 32X optical zoom, 1080p High Definition broadcasting that offers crisp and clear video in all lighting conditions. The cameras have an inclosed all weather housing with a heater, cooler and defogger. The great reliability of these cameras in all conditions helps keep web visitors coming back to see more.


These cameras will also be utilized by the Storm Spotters of Butler County EMA to help protect the public during inclement weather.